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"Direct Connexions LLC" is a freight forwarding company that offers services through all types of transport: avia, sea, truck and rail for all categories of cargo. We offer the "door to door" services, related with organization of cargo freight in international and Russian domestic directions, and also other services, indispensable for the transportation process: consolidation in our terminals, storage, packaging/marking, documentary handling services, insurance and customs clearance of cargo. Our staff who have had many years of experience in the international logistic field, consult and propose individual transportation solutions for your cargo. We use an individual approach for every client and try to achieve highest client satisfaction for each shipment. Our company has long-term agency agreements with business partners in every country around the world, which guarantees a quick and easy delivery of goods from any place. Working with our company, you will find a reliable and long-term partner for your cargo freight shipment. We work on our clients demands and propose the optimal decisions for cargo delivery.
  • Whatever you need moving it will be the most important delivery we make. Because it's YOUR'S and it's priceless. From moving your home, to the other side of the GLOBE to simply sending home artifacts and souvenirs from a world well traveled; we treat your precious cargo like it's our own.
  • We can offer a door to door service; door to terminal, TO SUIT YOUR REQUREMQNTA..
  • We can advise on, paperwork and packing.
  • We have specialists packers and materials to pack your treasured possessions; or WE CAN SUPPLY PACKING MATERIALS SO you can pack it yourself.
Whatever you decide; LET ACTION GLOBAL TAKE THE WORRY OUT OF IT, we'll take even better care of YOUR ITEMS than you can.
  • Packing items in special boxes (clothes, dishes, fragile items, home appliances, furniture, flowers, pictures, mirror etc.) Each box is labeled and packing lists are made, so that you will know what is where and can easily find the smallest items.
  • Disassembling furniture (including kitchen cabinets).
  • Loading/unloading.
  • Different means of transportation depending on the volume of the freight (air carriers, rail, trucks).
  • Assembling furniture and putting it in place in your new residence.
  • Hanging pictures, blinds, chandeliers, setting up your home cinema, antennas, etc.
  • Transport of plants and fish tanks.
  • Warehousing Arranging for freight insurance.
  • Expert packing. Making wood boxes for fragile and assorted items.
  • Labeling boxes and making packing list.
  • Loading/unloading
  • Preparation of documents for export/import of personal goods, including export permits from the Ministry of Culture, permits for Phytogenic Committee, and also import/export permits and health certificates for pets.
  • Export/import customs clearing.
  • Free transit storage for 2 weeks.
  • Delivery of personal goods to the new place of residence, unpacking and putting your things in place.
Our clients appreciate our individual approach, comprehensive approach to solution of the problems, and high quality of service. The stuff of our company always pays maximum attention to our client's wishes and requests. 


A wide range of cargo transportation

Air cargo transportation

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Sea & river cargo transportation

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Auto cargo transportation

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